The 1% Edge: Personal and Professional Development in an App

The 1% Edge philosophy is simple- “a little bit, done consistently goes a long way.” JoAnn Corley has spread this message through speaking and facilitating seminars, and now brings it to you in a free app, a portable development coaching app that includes content on development and tools to capture your learning moments at any given time of the day!

I have had the privilege of being JoAnn’s first subject matter expert on success through having work/home balance. My first post is on her blog- it’s called Personal Balance- Professional Success. My second post just went up yesterday called Vision Casting at Home- What’s Work Got To Do With It? The catch is, if you like the first article and want to read the second one, you’ll have to download the app and go to my tab! The app is free and extremely useful. There is the option for exclusive content for paid subscribers if you like the freebies.

Thanks, JoAnn, for the chance to contribute to this great platform! And I hope any of you in business and professional roles will download the app.


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