The Making of a Personal Best part 3


I started writing posts by this title to record and reflect on personal bests that I experience in what have become two very important practices for me- writing and running. Well, it doesn’t seem like much has changed on the running front in the way of personal bests. But I will get back to that in a moment…

In the area of writing- I am on track for a personal best in total monthly views. I have exceeded September already, and will certainly beat my highest month, which is August 2012 with a total of 256. I am very excited about this since I have been considering investing more into my blog. The investment would seem to be worth it. Also, I have been guest posting for Lead Change Group and JoAnn Corley’s 1% Edge App as a subject matter expert on the need for personal balance for professional success. These have been 2 great opportunities to connect with leaders and develop leadership. So writing has been great lately.

One personal best I am in the middle of is a spiritual best. Spiritual discipline can be so hard to maintain, but the reason is the flesh-and-blood man resists it. Jesus is laying a lot on my heart to accomplish and I am seeking direction for all He has in store.

What I am taking away from these experiences is that constant and consistent practice builds Momentum, and momentum is important. I have written less so far this month than in previous months, but people are finding my work and reading it, and then coming back to read it again- momentum. I haven’t ran my fastest or farthest lately, but consistency over the past two and a half months has kept running on my weekly agenda consistently. I’m becoming a disciplined runner and I am getting better- momentum. Spiritually, I started at an early age loving the things of God and building a foundation that has never diminished, though my consistency may wane and my flesh cry out against it. I have to get back on track from time to time, but this foundation grows each time I grow closer to Him- momentum.

Do you know the power of building momentum? Where do you need to start working on momentum in your life? What is your next personal best to begin working toward?


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