Notes In The Margin

The purpose of politics: divide and conquer by marginalizing proponents of the other point of view.

The politics of abortion have been on full display throughout this election cycle. And there has never been a more marginalizing, destructive argument than this.

The core of the abortion argument for “pro-choice” or “reproductive justice” proponents is that a woman’s decision to carry a baby to term or abort her as a fetus is between her and her doctor. Further, the view is propagated hat there is a “war on women,” women that have the “right” to birth control and abortive services and are ready to fight for it.

The quest for justice of any kind is supposed to increase the capacity of a group to have what they need to have or be what they want to be.
In reality, the pro-abortion argument greatly marginalizes many people.

  • Women who hope for any alternative other than aborting their child, but are convinced that abortion is better for them and their unborn children.
  • Women as a segment of the population at large who have no desire to be represented as sex-obsessed.
  • Young teenage girls that are indoctrinated to believe sexual promiscuity is a normal way of life by the same media that supports the abortion message.
  • Men who have a stance for life or that father children who are aborted without their consent or involvement in the decision.
  • Those who believe that marriage between a man and a woman should be the context for bringing children into the world, and that it is possible to wait for marriage before having sex.
  • Those who take a stand that life is sacred from conception and always side with life no matter how small or fragile that life might be.
  • Those who dare to believe that some things are the purview of Almighty God and undecidable by human morality.
  • There are notes in the margin that, while not front and center for proponents of abortion, scream out, needing to be heard. But in an attempt to make enough noise to drown out opposition (a political speciality), voices go unheard and ignored. And those that have no voice get the least consideration- the unborn.


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