The Power of Thankful

I have been trying since Thanksgiving to write a post about being thankful.

The accolades ascribed to thankfulness are many (see here or here or here for more on that).

I was having difficulty forming my own thoughts on the power of being thankful until I found this similar article to this one I’d like to write. So I share that with you now.

But in addition, one thing that stands out to me as the real power of Thankful is:

Thankfulness demonstrates ownership of one’s life and circumstances.

When I speak somewhere, I notice the people that thank me for coming. Those are the people that are most bought-in to the work and purpose of the group, be it a family, team at work, or church. Not that I think I deserve the thanks- these people undoubtedly are the ones that thank whoever comes to contribute to their lives or help in some way.

The power of Thankful is truly the power of God in Christ. Because if you can find yourself thankful in any given circumstance, you can find and use Christ’s power to rise above by His Spirit.

What is the power of Thankful in your life?

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