The Potential of a Child

The potential of a child is both awesome and frightening. Parents so often want childhood to be different for their children than it was for them. But without a foundation to provide a better childhood, it just won’t happen.

Children will never disappoint us. They will meet and exceed every expectation we lift up before them.

In my experience, so much of what seems to get on the nerves of some parents are behaviors that come from creativity, vitality, and life. Kids act spontaneously, yell out loud, speak out of turn, demand attention, and require room for mistakes. These things get hard to deal with sometimes.

When these signs of life and attempts at attention get ignored or squelched, children have to turn to other things. Once they’re labeled “defiant,” “obnoxious,” “diagnosed with…,” “sick,” or “damaged,” the bar has been set and you won’t be disappointed.

Want to know how the child survivors in Newtown, CT are going to make it? They will aspire to the vision that is cast for them by those closest to them. They will see the world through the lens that is put in front of them. They will achieve the objective that is set for them.

Children have such potential. Let’s help them achieve it.


2 thoughts on “The Potential of a Child”

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