Why Can’t Secularism Solve Our Problems?

We search for success in a maze, as illustrated in the book Who Moved My Cheese? In confronting the fear of change that comes along with seeking greater success, Spencer Johnson writes, “It is safer to search in the maze, than remain in a cheeseless situation.”

When we start searching for solutions to problems great and small, I think we go off into a maze then as well, searching for answers in the realm of the human experience, trying to uncover new areas and discover new angles on old problems.

The problem is, while life may seem like a maze, searching for answers in the maze still leads to circular logic that leads only to frustration.

If it seems scary to get out of your comfort zone and into the maze in search of solutions or success, try convincing yourself to get outside of the maze altogether. More specifically, above the maze.

The answers to violence, crime, family and community disintegration, drug and alcohol abuse, indecency and disrespect are not found in the efforts of man. We are convinced by the media, by the government, by activists, that we hold the answers, even as any hint that there is a God above that is in control is brushed aside as a fairy tale. But for all our human philosophies and enlightened thinking, no solution, no success will emerge that can be greater than the sum of our fleshly interests and best intentions.

Have we evolved to the point of violence we see in the world today?
Is this enlightenment we experience when abuse occurs?
Is war or genocide the result of the human race gathering so much knowledge?
Or abusing one’s self with drugs and alcohol the result of a higher plain of living?

All of these conditions can be described as cycles- just another turn around the bend in an effort to solve problems we are not equipped for or suited to solve on our own.

Why is it so hard to lift up our eyes and see above all of this? The worst of all human conditions- pride- keeps us locked in a maze of our making. God help us look to Him.

It is safer to search God’s face than remain in a helpless, hopeless situation that we have created.

What keeps you looking down, or around, instead of looking up? Is there room for a belief in Jesus Christ in your life? Would you be willing to call His name in prayer during these darkest of times?

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