A Father’s Most Powerful Decision

I saw Rise of the Guardians with my son, Elisha. The movie was cute enough and my son enjoyed it. But the real payoff for me was that it made me think.

Children’s real-life guardians should be their fathers.

The theme of the movie and the setting I was in, in light of recent school tragedies and public shootings, spurred my thoughts toward the above statement. I sat with my son and his buddy in a room full of school children and teachers. I was present with my son, but even when I am not, I am responsible for his safety and provision. I prayed for our safety, as I do everyday whether we are together or apart. But I was given to my children, and they were given to me, for a reason. I have the biggest part, under God, in their provision and protection, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The most powerful decision a father can make is to be a guardian for his children by being concerned, conscientious, informed, and confident.

Ask questions, be involved, speak up, be present, be on your child’s side. Be prepared to do what has to be done for your children. Confidence and determination are huge contributions fathers must give to their children.

Are you ready to make the decision? How must your mindset and actions change to become a real guardian to your children?

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