Practical Steps to Set Your Family Up For Success

At the Gaugh household, we started a new tradition this year. We sat on our bed, my wife, 2 boys, and me, and we told what we wanted the Lord to help us make happen in 2013. We brought up physical and spiritual needs. We mentioned material needs like a new, larger home. And we brought up two big endeavors- to start a business and a church.

I was thrilled that we were all in agreement. I spoke last and all that I was going to say as aspirations for 2013 had already been mentioned. We all have a similar vision for our lives together. And we prayed together that all would be fulfilled with Jesus’ help.

I want to be successful as a family in the new year, and I want your family to be successful, too. It starts with communication.

Communication is key to walking hand-in-hand with your family.
Communication is key to walking hand-in-hand with your family.
  • Tell the people you love how you feel about them.
    “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” (John Maxwell).
  • Talk about where you want your family to be in key areas over the next few years. Do it casually, concretely, and consistently.
  • Explain how working hard and making sacrifices will help get you and your family where you all want to be.
  • Express why you love what you do and how your work makes you feel- involve your family in something you love and create a personal connection between your family and your work or interests.

Aspire to something! We do family much too casually. Treat “Family” like a verb. Involve your loved ones in a vision for your family. Set yourself up for success as a family in 2013!

I first made these points in a blog for JoAnn Corley’s 1% Edge blog.

Copyright 2013 Glen Gaugh

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