‘What is in store for Social Work, Social Care and Health?’ Opinion Piece by Glen Gaugh – A #SWSCmedia debate

Update: The topic of the US Twitter debate on 1/23 at 8pm Eastern will be gun control. Don’t miss it!

Update: US Twitter debates resume on Weds. Jan. 23rd at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central! Topic TBD. Join in!

I’m honored to be involved with this great community, Social Work and Social Care in Media (@SWSCmedia, #SWSCmedia). Twitter debates are on Tuesdays at 8pmGMT/3pmEST and cover a variety of relevant social work topics, which are introduced on the blog. Id’ love for you to check out this post as well as three others that attempt to answer the question, “What is in store for Social Work in 2013?” Subscribe to the SWSC Media blog and join the debates!

Social Work/Social Care & Media

We will face no shortage of social needs in 2013. From any standpoint of practice, knowledge, or belief, the challenges will be more and greater than they have been in any previous time. So the need for competent, compassionate social workers will go on. As I consider what will be in store for the profession and the practitioners of social work in 2013, I see four main areas of focus:

Effectiveness- I was taught the cardinal rule of social work is, “Above all else, do no harm.” I believe it still is. However, the cardinal rule is only a starting point, and in 2013, effectiveness will be the name of the game. Evidence Based Practice is stated in this video as the “hallmark of the last decade,” (pay particular attention to segments at 04:30, 06:33, 08:00, and 12:34). According to the National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics, sharing…

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