Grip, Grit, and Go For It: 3 Keys When Change is Imminent

This post continues a series called six steps to change. Next in the series will be about going where you can grow.

There’s a time to hold on and a time to let go. I can think of hundreds of metaphors from my rural, farm-raised background that illustrate this statement. For example, when breaking calves to lead or horses to be ridden. I’ll leave that as a little inside reference for those of you who are familiar with these activities. I have another illustration I’ll focus on.

One of our favorite pastimes as a kid was finding a perfectly-placed grapevine on the brink of a big gully, cutting the vine off at the bottom, and swinging across. In rural West Tennessee, there are many such gullies and several such vines. Sometimes you could swing all the way to the other side, sometimes you simply flung yourself out into open space and returned to your starting point. Sometimes you were close enough to the ground to let go at the apex of the swing and land on your feet. In any case, timing when to let go can be a tricky task.

There comes a make-or-break point at the apex of a change where you have to decide to hang on or let go. Letting go may be necessary, but timing is everything.

How do you make it when all that is in you is saying, “Let Go,”? Here are three memorable G’s for when change is imminent:

  • Grip- no matter how difficult or unpleasant the current situation is, there is an acute grasping point one has to find in order to hang on. There may be one enjoyable task on your job, a single trait that you are developing in your struggle, that gives you a hand-hold that is stable and sure.
  • Grit- strength is only a part of what it takes to hang on. Desire and determination are the only things that trump strength. We tend to see through tunnel vision in the middle of strong uncertainty or difficulty. There are aspects of life that can help put some grit in your grip to hang on through the one rough patch of life until you can find your landing place.

The grip and the grit speak to finding purpose and contentment in your current situation until plans are set and your heart is settled about the change that is ahead of you.

  • Go for it- when the time is right, let go! Make the job change. Get off the bench and into your church or community. Pull in your friend or loved one and be honest with them about where your relationship is and where you want it to be. When it is time to go for it, there is a rise of uncertainty, but if you have held on and made your plans and settled your mind and heart, then you have nothing to worry about. You can land on your feet and hit the ground running again.

Letting go of your vine is a mistake if you do not have a stable place to stick the landing. Taking time, regardless of your present troubled circumstances, will pay off in the end.

Have you experienced the need for change but just couldn’t settle in yourself what that change was supposed to be? What did it take to make it through? Let me know in the comments below.

Copyright 2013 Glen Gaugh



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