Amazing Qualities I Observed in my Children

Long Sundays are hard to deal with sometimes. However, this Sunday was remarkable in so many ways, not the least of which was the way my children displayed some amazing characteristics that made me proud:

Resilience over an all-day span of traveling, visiting family, and going to 2 church services. On top of that, they spent the night away from home which is fun for them but sometimes a real energy-killing, whine-inducer on days like this.

Gratitude from my oldest son Elisha, who spontaneously thanked the pastor for taking us out to dinner after I preached his services today.

Personality because my youngest son Jesse is so expressive at 2 years old, making the funniest faces. Unfortunately I have seen too many toddlers with little happiness or expression at all during my career in social work.

Passion: Elisha said, “Devil, if you tell me I’m a bad kid, I’ll kick you in your big, round, booty!” I didn’t discourage this kind of statement since it shows, a) he knows not to listen to the devil and, b) he knows he’s a great kid!

Every child should be recognized for their unique qualities, and every parent should notice when these qualities shine in the lives of their children. What stands out to you about your children?

Copyright 2013 Glen Gaugh


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