My Latest Opinion Post for #SWSCmedia

My opinion post for Social Work/Social Care in Media debate topic this week: Suicide and Suicide Prevention. Give it a read and join in at 8/7pm Central.

Social Work/Social Care & Media

SuicidePrevention1Between the time I was asked to write this post and the date that you are reading it, a young and promising life ended by suicide in my community. Such a tragic event shocks the life of a parent, a family, a school, and a community in ways that are yet to be felt. The questions are endless: how could this happen? How did I not see this coming? Is there someone or something to blame? How do I cope with this? And very importantly, how can we keep this from happening again?

The status of suicide prevention in my home state of Tennessee is improving but still markedly high according to the 2012 report released by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network. Tennessee’s 932 deaths by suicide, a rate of 14.7 per 100,000, calculated in 2010, represent a downward trend, yet it is still above the national average. According…

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