3 Lessons I’m Re-learning- Prayer

I take for granted sometimes that there are some people who follow this blog intently. I haven’t updated as often as I should throughout February, for which I apologize. But the truth is I burned myself out a little over the past few months. This is something we are all prone to do.

Burn-out may mean backing up a step, but it is so you can see more clearly, not to allow you to stop altogether.

As a result of seeing more clearly, there are at least 3 things I am re-learning so I can continue with my purpose in life ( including this blog) in a way that glorifies God and adds value to you.
I’m re-learning how to pray.
I’m re-learning how to lead.
I’m re-learning how to be content.

Today I focus on re-learning to pray. In Sunday school today, Pastor Curtis Howard taught on the Lord’s Prayer. He used a skit in which he conversed with God (portrayed by a deep-voiced fellow with a mic in the other room) as he tried to hurry through reciting the Lord’s Prayer. At each point in the prayer, God inconvenienced him by having him reflect on himself, such as challenging him to do God’s will when he prayed for God’s will to be done in Earth. When my Pastor prayed, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory…,” God asked, “Do you really want to please me?” Pastor answered, “Yes God, I really do want to please you. How do I give you all the glory?” Then the voice answered, “You just did.” All He wants is to have a conversation with each of us regularly and for us to listen to Him in those moments, not to just recite rote prayers.

If we are not re-learning how to pray, we have each either stopped praying, or we have become comfortable praying recited, repetitious prayers that are not being effective. For the sake of our families and homes, churches and communities, that’s not good. I’m glad to take the chance to get my prayer life in check. Because God has great things in store and I want to be involved.

What’s your story about re-learning to pray? Let me hear from you below! And look for part 2!

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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