3 Lessons I’m Re-learning: Leading

I spoke last night to soon-to-graduate MSW students at Union University on the topic of leadership in social work. I appreciate Ms. Mary Anne Poe for inviting me. It was a great time with lots of questions and interaction.

The second lesson I’ve been learning while recovering from burn-out is leading myself.

Leading myself has manifested in a couple of ways:
Managing my time has been very important. I recently picked back up an old system for managing my tasks on the job. Getting organized has helped me cut out time wasters and focus better at an important time in my agency.
Regulating my emotions especially when dealing with criticism or people with more direct or abrasive styles. I have has to remind myself that comments usually aren’t personal. When legitimate feedback comes my way, even if it isn’t stated well or for my best interest, I have made it a point to rise to the challenge rather than justify or feel inadequate.

Next time I will wrap up with my third lesson and some further thoughts on burn-out recovery.

What has been your triumph of self-leadership?

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Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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