3 Lessons I’m Re-learning- Contentment

I sat with a group of people from church in our Connect group (small group ministry). The worship time was for the group to simply sit in the presence of God. Afterwards, each of us shared what that was like. My answer was that it felt like the first time I had breathed all day.

I sat at home. I had been on a conference call with some other professionals. I was receiving feedback. My mind tried to come up will all kinds of excuses. I tried to feel hurt, and dejection tried to set in. But it didn’t. I thought through the situation and took responsibility for my part of the project. I determined to do better. And I decided that nothing that had been said was personal- I was just as valued after this call as I was before.

Some signs of burnout are tension and touchiness. High stress and high sensitivity. The solution I’ve learned recently is contentment.

3 keys to contentment:
Decide, “It is about me.” Do something or several things for yourself. If you go all day and can’t even tell if you have stopped to breathe, then you need to plan some breathers. Enact some self-care activities. Enlist some accountability from trusted others who care more about you that you care about yourself (at least at this moment).

Decide, “It’s not about me.” There are probably some people and certain times that criticism and attitudes are directed at you, the person. But most of the time, not. There has to be some sense of perspective that kicks in and helps you see that you are fine just like you are, recognizes where you must change or improve, and dismisses the rest. And don’t forget that the person criticizing is human too, and likely under stress as well.

Decide, “It’s all about Him.” I really can give no better advice than to examine your belief in God and determine if you really believe in Him and live your life so that all you do is about Him. If that is the case, then it is His judgment that really matters. “Only what is done for Christ will last…”

I said it three times, and it bears repeating again- contentment is a decision. One that only you can make. So do it today!

This has been a little more of a pep talk than usual- I hope that’s ok. So what will it take for you to be content? And how are you dealing with burnout? Let me know in the comments!

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Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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