Accommodate, Integrate, or Eliminate: 3 Adaptions to Change

For audio of a speech given to relative caregivers for the Exchange Club/Carl Perkins Center on this topic, click here.

Balance is a difficult state to achieve. But every change we experience in life requires us to establish or re-establish balance. In my estimation, balance involves prioritizing based on time, tasks, and relationships.

We deal with change all around us, by choice, chance, or circumstance, on a daily basis, so we are constantly realigning out priorities to establish balance. When change becomes a necessity, we must adapt in one of three ways to navigate successfully:

We can accommodate the change. Accommodation happens when we “pencil in” new expectations that accompany the change with the other tasks of life. We are able to accommodate when the new expectations are congruent with other demands on our time and energy. A tree that encounters a foreign object, like a wire or nail driven into the trunk, will grow around it. The object is clearly different and separate from the tree, but it becomes surrounded by the tree as it grows. The tree accommodates the object so it can keep growing.

We can integrate the change. Like nutrients are absorbed by the body, we integrate the demands of change to fashion a whole new lifestyle. It isn’t enough to have a powerful dream or vision. Time, energy, and effort are redirected from old activities in order to make new ideas come to life. These are changes that we build our lives around for the sake of what we want to happen or what must happen

We can eliminate that which hinders change. We face an economy of time. Whatever we do with our time eliminates other pursuits that we could be following. One of the most difficult tasks of adapting to change is deciding that something must stop in order for change to go forward. You’ve heard the phrase, “Good is the enemy of great.” This describes the kind of decision that must be made when facing both positive and negative change.

Here is the introduction to adapting to change that takes place in life. What do you say? What would you like to add to this or explore from here?

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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