Champions of Biblical Manhood

What do “men, masculinity, queerness, and reproductive rights” have to do with one another? The fact that society has divided men from biblical manhood and interconnected masculinity with ungodly, anti-life philosophies means that champions for manhood are needed now more than ever.

The world tears down family and manhood, each of which are keys to solving most of society’s ills. The family is being compromised and manhood is being co-opted into something that it isn’t- violent, disrespectful, comfortable with rape, objectifying women, incapable of raising children. There are two reasons for this that I can see. 1) To discourage boys from fulfilling what is traditionally and biblically masculine, and 2) to promote the opposite of masculine as the more virtuous way to live. If you are a traditional man, a man of values, morals, and boundaries, then you are anti-women, oppressive, in favor of control and coercion. Biblical manhood that glorifies God’s plan for marriage, sex, gender distinctions, and individual responsibility is falsely tied to most evil portrayal of men so the Word of God can be marginalized.

Men have to be these things in order for the world to promote feministic, homosexual lifestyles as superior. The goal is not to build men- it is to co-opt manhood to advance an anti-god, amoral agenda. The proponents of re socializing men are the destroyers of biblical manhood. The tactics is simple: create an environment that plays on what is naturally masculine but glorifies a distorted view of masculinity via Hollywood, then penalize the tendencies to act on over-stimulated desires while demonizing masculinity. Promote the view that men and women are not different and have no distinctions, while vilifying what men are made to be. Make men useless by stating that they are unnecessary as providers and protectors, while chastising them for not being there for their families.

The problem is the same for effeminate men, violent men, – no family, no home, no father, no real men. The death of manhood began with the death of the family. And rather than promote the family as the way to bring change among men, social programs through the schools and in our communities propose to have the solutions. Men must be Champions of Biblical Manhood in their homes.

If you don’t feel like you are leading in your home or community, or even that you are actively put down or minimized because you are a man, I want to partner with you to help you be a Champion. For now, keep up with the Ideas for Dad and Champions of Biblical Manhood post. Subscribe to the blog. I will be connecting with you by email soon; watch for the new email signup. And keep praying, loving, reaching, and teaching in your home.


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