The “If’s” of Men Against Rape and Abortion

Men must engage in efforts to stop violence and rape. I am discouraged that so many efforts are linked to pro-choice and homosexual efforts. One recent trip to the website of a Christian-based group against human trafficking led me to find Men Can Stop Rape on its resource page. This group, which has the mission of promoting healthy masculinity through a 2 year initiative, has as one national partners the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. This group has specific programs that target black churches and youth that are pro-abortion. One of these groups never seems to be more than one website removed from any effort to stop rape.

There is an unholy marriage between “Christian” efforts to stop violence (which Christians should certainly do) and the secular, even devilish idea that Christians should support abortion. (Unprovoked violence against a woman does not warrant unprovoked violence against an unborn baby.)

If the idea is that reducing rape and rape-induced pregnancies would reduce abortions, then the numbers do not agree.

If the idea is that it is un-Christlike to be against both rape and abortion, then that’s wrong too.

If the idea is that a traditional view of manhood that includes biblically conservative, gender-distintive, family-oriented thought is a threat to the safety of women or to efforts to reduce violence, nothing could be further from the truth. I think the aversion to the true, traditional, biblical ideal of manhood is that it includes men as defenders ( and for over a generation, that aspect of manhood has been totally rejected.

If there was ever a time when defenders of marriage, family, and life were needed, the time is now.

How will you become a champion against violence, for life, for biblical manhood?

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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