Learn to Live Out the Long Days

In spite of the rain, I got out around 5:30 for a morning run. I welcomed the exposure I had to the elements, the oneness I had with the world around me. I had not slept, I had been writing all night long, taking advantage of the creativity that was flowing. And I had a full day of work ahead of me.

Worthwhile pursuits lend to long days. What is it that will see you through?

Determination to get things done.

Drive to change something in yourself, in the world around you.

Knowing that your effort will pay off in the end.

Operating off of the momentum of accomplishing small things that add up to large successes.

I have set a June 16th deadline for myself. And it is looming closer and closer. So I believe I will have more long days in the near future. Nothing of note has ever been achieved without sacrifice. And the stakes have never been higher, because I am determined to leave a legacy of “did that” for my children, instead of a legacy of “would like to.”

What are you waiting for? What “to-do” is sitting there waiting for you to invest a long day into?

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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