Playing Bubba

20130121-113542.jpg“Dada! DADA!” His usual first cries of the morning are for mama, but not today. The last few mornings he called for mama, I took mercy on my wife and tried to serve his needs myself so she could sleep on. But when he wants mama, he takes nothing less than mama. So today was a little different and a lot special.

As involved as I am as a dad, I recognize and appreciate that I can’t meet all my children’s needs on my own. Every family member has their own special place in the life of their loved ones.

After getting Jesse out of his bed, he laid in bed with me and his mom for a while. Then he was ready to play. I am used to a lot of physical play: holding, tickling, hair tousling, running around. I rarely play with the toys. But this morning, Jesse handed me a tiny pickup truck and said, “Down!” (get down on your hands an knees). So I did. This is Jesse’s bubba’s usual role. My wife says they play together in the floor all day long now that my oldest is out of school. When I come home from work, Jesse and his bubba are usually piled together in a chair or on one small section of the couch, watching a video or playing with their hand-held games.

Since Bubba wan’t out of bed yet, I got to play Bubba for a few minutes. I followed Jesse wherever he wanted to go with that truck. We picked up dinosaur and drove him over to a piece of plastic pizza, where he feasted away. We went back to home base where we parked beside a giant prop airplane Mama had used with puppets during VBS this past week. We had a ball. I put off getting ready for work for a few extra minutes to spend a little bit of time with my littlest man. And while I didn’t do so in the usual way, it was fun and rewarding to play Bubba. I think I’ll do it again sometime…

Do you need to spend some extra time and break out of the mold with your children? How can you do so? Let me know in the comments below!

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh

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