The Backstory: Building Up to the Next Life Event

What is next? It was on my mind on July 3rd. I was driving to work. I was listening to the radio. I don’t remember the specific content. It was more about the danger our world is in, the mess our government is (in), the uncertainty our lives have taken on. I’m not satisfied. I am horrified, not because I’m fearful of the future, but because I never thought we would be in the state we are in in the US. I thought about my mom and dad’s generation, who lived through the 60’s and 70’s as teens and young adults, those tumultuous years of cultural and political change. I wondered at what point they knew that life would never be the same? Because I believe I’m at that point. I am part of the Internet generation; I’ve lived my whole life in the postmodern era. And I now, just now, realize life will never be the same.

I have a merry band of adventurers, my family, and we have embarked on a journey this year to start a church. I also am struggling oh so hard to write enough words to compose a book. These are very real, actionable, and definite goals that WILL be accomplished. And the action steps began in 2013. There is a lot of backstory, prayers, attempts, and learning in each of these areas prior to this year, but the shape of it all began in the past 6 months. It takes rearranging schedules and building new habits in order to take off on life goals like these I have begun. A lot about life has to change. And while time seems to be of the essence, time also heals hurts and cures raw desire into rock-solid commitment. In other words, a necessary agent in change is time.

It would be easy to say, “Hey, just focus on what you’re doing right now, you’re plate is full enough.” And focus is necessary, without a doubt. But the thing is, we are always creating backstory. Today is simultaneously the realization of certain goals and the backstory for future successes. And so, in the middle of what I’m doing, I’m thinking and dreaming. As urgent needs arise in my world, I am beginning to put in the time required to set up for what is next.

So, what is next? All I know is I am compelled, while there is still a chance, to try to help my country remain free, where people have the right to speak, assemble, and worship God openly. I’m concerned about what I see unfolding and what I know is coming, because I have read the “back of the book,” and see the signs of the times. Inasmuch as we have the right to these freedoms now, I should fight for them. Christians in oppressed nations are not interested in political action. Christ has preeminence in every situation, He is sovereign over the nations. But here, where we have always had the right to worship, we should fight to keep it. For our sake, and the sake of those who look to us as a ray of hope. It’s not a fight for political power. And regardless, it is in God’s hands. It is simply the fight to keep what we have while there is still a chance to do so.

We all have our July 3rd’s, which are followed by 4th’s and 5th’s. On the 3rd, the founding of a nation was in it’s backstory stage. On the 4th, there was commitment; names were signed and sacred honor was pledged. On the 5th, it was the 1st day of action. And we are constantly in that cycle. The 4th would have not happened without the thought that was invested on the 3rd. I’ve have my July 3rd. Have you?

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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