Intolerable Tolerance

MP900438625The new tolerance is intolerable. A woman should have the choice to kill a baby? Where is the tolerance for the baby?

Babies are aborted in the name of convenience and choice. The mentality of “baby as punishment,” “baby as mass of cells,” “baby as a choice,” has fueled the idea that abortion is not murder. Crowds, multitudes herald any attempt to open the gates for abortion, and shout down any attempt to reduce it. The reason is the involvement of morality in the rationale for life, the inclusion of God’s preference for life in our reasoning. Because it isn’t really rational thought if God is involved, is it? It’s living based on a fairy tale. And now we are headed toward a time when religious belief may be used to characterize one as mentally ill. Curse those that stand up for life, doing so under the guise that children could be spared misery. And declare that those of us who hate abortion, hate children. Because they might be abused if they are allowed to come into the world under difficult circumstances, right? If aborted, they would most certainly be DEAD. When abortion is rationalized as merciful for the child, then we have truly given up on any semblance of human good, which is all that exists in a world that doesn’t believe there is a God. Is killing at-risk people is the best “human good” can come up with?

I’m glad that the late-term abortion ban has passed in Texas. It’s a step in the right direction for children. Because children deserve tolerance too.


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