How I Plan to Improve My Blog

I attempted to make a “comeback” of sorts earlier last week, but it didn’t work out- my WordPress app or internet signal let me down and only published half the post I had written. Oh well. Some read what little was published, and i’m sure several didn’t. Regardless, I will take another swipe at it now. If you did read my post “How My Blog Has Given Value to Me” and found that it left you with more questions than answers, I’m sorry, and please come back again.

My wife and I met with Brian Harris of Tennessee Right to Life, our state chapter of the national Right to Life organization. We have been praying and seeking ways to live out our pro-life values. I will give you more on that soon. What immediatley jumped out to me was how much value my blog has provided for me in the form of building my reputation, my “personal brand,” as it’s called. After reading my email and inviting us to meet with him about pro-life work in Tennessee, Brian found my blog. We made an immediate connection as a result of my written work being “out there.”

20130728-012351.jpgThis tweet captured my recent feelings about my blog. But I’ve realized that a tool that has provided so much value to me cannot long be relegated to the back burner. I have been considering the following three important factors that either will draw you in to this blog, or repel you from this blog.

Direction: It is difficult for me to stay focused in one direction. Faith, family, and fatherhood beg to be approached from multiple perspectives. I have wide ranging interests and several topic ideas at any given time. But what makes Google, and you, like my blog is that the content has a specific direction in the way it addresses challenges and presents solutions in my area of expertise. So which direction am I to go?

Tone: With all the challenges facing fathers and families today, I read the news and often get in a mood to just SCREAM! Phrases come to mind that beg to be blasted out into cyberspace as I enter rant-mode. But that isn’t the tone I want to transmit- neither is it the tone you want to receive. Sure, indignation is appropriate at times, but I can be indignant without yelling at you. So I have considered my tone during my recent hiatus from blogging. Have I decided what tone to take?

Purpose: I have recently begun putting down ideas for a book. I have struggled over whether to start a new site just for the book. When the time is right, I have decided that I will do so. I have other interests, and have wondered if they are appropriate to integrate into this blog, or if I should start another blog for those ideas. And I have decided that I will start at least one new blog (stay tuned). This blog,, has abundantly provided a forum for my ideas, advice, and creativity, and like my recent encounter with a previously total stranger, given me visibility and a reputation that I discover is spreading on a regular basis. The purpose here has been clearly defined, and I don’t want to taint that purpose.

Thanks for reading my blog. And keep coming back as I strive to improve it. Let me know what you think about the content, and I’ll keep trying to perfect it. God bless!

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh

13 thoughts on “How I Plan to Improve My Blog”

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment! So how divergent do you think categories can be for 1 blog? Could I write about fatherhood and social work and ministry in one blog with those being categories?

  1. I wish I knew the answer to that, Glen. I wonder about the same thing. Here are my current thoughts: I think in the ideal world I would ask myself, “What unites or connects these three topics?” If you could find something then that becomes your unifying focus. On my blog, it’s pretty loose “Virtual Connections: Exploring Social Work in the Digital Age and How We’re Transformed by the Digital World.” Those are two different topics, although I guess one could make the case the 2nd one could subsume the first. In some ways, my title is the unifier since virtual connections are in play no matter what. I would say that it would be good to balance the frequency of posts on different topics. If you post too much on one topic (say your next 5 posts on just 1 topic), then you might lose readers who aren’t interested in that topic.

      1. I’m a very, very infrequent blogger, definitely not a blogging role model. Sometimes I can keep up with one post a month, but other times, depending on what’s going on at work (and at home, with kids) I go for 3-4 months.

      2. But you curate a lot of content. I’ve played with the idea of a to curate some content on topics I’m interested in that doesn’t fit neatly in the parameters of my blog.

  2. The daily curation I do doesn’t take much time — maybe 20 min. Usually over coffee in the morning. Writing takes me a lot longer. would certainly make curation easier for you. I use Zite for content discovery.

      1. Zite is my primary one for content discovery. I use Hootsuite for managing Twitter and other social media accounts. Among many other things it lets you schedule Tweets and will notify you when someone mentions you.

      2. I use hootsuite and the native iOS apps for twitter, FB and the other SM sites. Evernote for saving ideas and pages for composing on iPad. Don’t use a lot of sophisticated stuff.

      3. I love Evernote…I use it the same way and also as an electronic filling cabinet for clipped articles. I also use Pocket to save articles to read offline. I love that it will read them to me outloud while I drive.

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