Why We Organized a Right To Life Meeting

Update: the meeting was a great success! Thanks to all who participated. Join us in person or in prayer on October 10th at 6:30 at Union University.

Later this evening, my family and I will be at Union University getting ready for the first-in-a-long-time Madison Co. Right To Life Meeting. In the space of a couple of weeks this summer, we learned some things that shocked us:

  • Madison County has no active Right To Life chapter.
  • Tennessee is known as an “abortion destination,” that is, women seeking easy abortions (more than 3,000 out-of-state abortions occurred here according to 2011 statistics) come from all of the surrounding states in order to take advantage of the lack of common-sense protections here.
  • On that note, a TN Supreme Court ruling on Sept. 15th 2000 stated that our state constitution allows for a “right to abortion,” subsequently tossing out 3 common-sense legal protections:MP900438625
  • Requirement to provide informed consent: “This is what abortion does to you, the baby, and the potential consequences,” doesn’t have to be disclosed.
    Required 48 hour waiting period: the same day that an abortionist doesn’t have to disclose anything to you about the risks and realities of abortion, you can go ahead and have one done.
    Requirement for hospital to be involved in 2nd trimester or later abortions: deprived of life-saving measures that might be needed in the event of one of those risks that was not disclosed an hour or so ago.
    And later, the requirement for state inspection and regulation of abortion facilities was thrown out in a separate court case, so who knows what standard of sanitation, sterilization, and professional licensure is being upheld (back alley gets clinical credibility a la brick and mortar facade.)

    So these shocking revelations are the reason we got with Brian Harris and Tennessee Right To Life to kickstart a Madison Co. Right To Life chapter. By all accounts, it will be well-attended. Come join us if you can (see my calendar of events in the sidebar for details) and learn how to support efforts to restore common sense in the fight to protect life!

    Oh yes- and the primary reason we decided to organize a Right To Life meeting:

    Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. (James 4:17)

    Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


    4 thoughts on “Why We Organized a Right To Life Meeting”

      1. Thank you! Until Roe v Wade is overturned we have to just do as much as possible in the states to limit abortion. But even common sense limitations are wholly rejected by those pushing the abortion agenda.

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