Dad’s Daily Carry- What I Pack in my Pockets Almost Everyday


Everything this dad packs on a daily basis…

Wallet- my sons, 6 & 3 years old, recently went through the stage where they had to have wallets- like me. I went through the same thing in my early years because my dad carried a wallet. His old brown leather wallet was actually a tri-fold, but he called it a “billfold” because, he said, it had more bills in it than money. I like the large, bifold variety that can dissipate a lot of bulk without putting me off-balance when I sit, or giving me back problems a la George Costanza.

Pocketknife- another “I had to have because my daddy does,” item. My oldest is already psyched for his Swiss Army knife that he will get when he turns 13. I had a collection by that age. I like the simple single blade, folding type, though a few gadgets come in handy sometimes. I’m in the market for a new one right now.

Pen- as an FFA State Officer in Tennessee, I was taught you aren’t a true leader unless you have something to write with and a way to tell time, at all times. In the event you have to schedule a meeting or prepare impromptu remarks, a pen is a necessity. Any old napkin or event program will do to make notes on.

A light- the keychain light in the picture will get me out of my office if the power were to go out. Also, there’s an app for that, so…

iPhone 4 in bubble wrap- I’m coming due for an upgrade. I’ll probably stick with the iPhone but the main thing I’m interested in upgrading is storage space- 8 gig isn’t enough. The bubble wrap isn’t waterproof but it keeps sweat and grease of (good for running with Runtastic or searching for parts when working on a vehicle.) And totally drop resistant, which is a good thing.

Paracord keychain- just recently adopted this in the event I need to pitch a makeshift tent or saw my way out of zip ties.

Glock 19 9mm and spare magazine- I’ve had my TN carry permit for 2 years now and there is rarely a time I am not armed (exceptions being in placed where it is illegal to carry or when I’m on business because being armed is against company policy.) Carrying a firearm is not for everyone but I have grown up shooting, I stay practiced up, and I’m determined to defend myself, my loved ones, or others whose lives may be in danger. A total of 30+1 rounds should be sufficient for any situation I find myself in, and in thousands of rounds, the Glock has never failed to go boom upon request. I use a simple sock-type in waistband holster for daily use.

Wide leather belt- good for the Glock, spare mag, and holding my pants up. Black matches just about anything, and if I happen to wear brown shoes, I just leave my shirt untucked.

Mini personal survival kit- was a Christmas present a few years ago. It was compiled from scratch by my brother and packs a lot in a small package. It is small enough to keep on your person if you are traveling or in the event an accident causes an injury or otherwise keeps you from reaching other tools for survival (if your car sinks in a river or lake, the emergency supplies in your truck won’t do you much good.) I wrap a good length of duct tape around it to seal the opening edge of the lid and to have several feet of duct tape available in case of emergency. To learn more about assembling the survival kit, check out this SAS survival app.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the stories behind what I carry around everyday. I’ve covered everything that goes in my jeans’ pockets except the lint… but I’ll save that for another post 🙂

What do you pack around that you can’t live without? Any interesting stories behind your selection of gear? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook.

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh

I make no monetary gain and receive no perks of any kind for any brand mentions or links. I just talked about the things I like to have around. Enjoy!


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