I Agree- God Sure Is Gonna Work

20130921-003006.jpg“God sure is gonna use this work!” These were the last words spoken by one of the ladies in our Bible study group as we prepared to close for the evening.And she had good reason to believe the statement she had just made. She and two others found their way to the small apartment where we meet. One of these ladies was a first-time guest. They, our host and her son, my brother and I made up the group.

The lesson we studied was about the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden. As we closed in prayer, in a circle of 7, in a small apartment, the Spirit of God moved in and our first-time guest began to be visibly blessed. She spoke in another tongue as the Spirit gave the utterance (Acts 2:4). The other three ladies (including our host) prayed, spoke in tongues, paced the floor, and rejoiced. They bound together and supported one another. Without keyboard, choir, or a crowd, Jesus moved and prompted those words that stood out most to me as confirmation of what we want to see happen: “God sure is gonna use this work!”

Our guest left with the challenge to consider being water baptized in Jesus name for the remission of her sins (Acts 2:38). Two of the other ladies present were baptized as a part of a tent revival in the spring, and we are constantly pushing forward with the mandate: teach all nations, and baptize in the name (Matthew 28:19). And we do so in great hope that God is using this work to His glory!


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