These Things I Know…

I don’t know the nature of your interest, or the intent of your heart, or the strength of your calling, but I know this…

Too many church planters have traded the treasure for the field.

Too many evangelists have traded in the Holy Word for enticing words.

Too many pastors have traded flock feeding for control wielding .

Too many saints have traded God’s goodness for good works, His holiness for high-mindedness, His righteousness for self-righteousness.

We don’t go to become a fixture in the field- we go to find the treasure we know is there.
We don’t go to rep our repertoire of great sermons- we go to testify to God’s truth.
We don’t go to glad-hand and gain- we go to lift up the Lord’s name.
We don’t go to seek self-satisfaction- we go to set the standard, to show the difference Jesus makes and give great hope to a lost a dying world.

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Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh

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