Origins and Obstacles of a Church Planter

20130121-113542.jpgI was baptized in the Spirit at age 11 at Sunday school camp while in this church. By my early teens I had grown cold in my walk with God. One of the thoughts that stood out in my mind at that time as a young person was that God might call on me to do something that He wants, but that I wouldn’t want to do. At that young age I had the stubborn notion that I wouldn’t be able to do God’s will if it went awry of my own dreams or desires. I had a teacher once that said he knew who was ready with the answers to his questions by whether or not a student looked him in the eye, or looked down or away. I decided to look away from God in stead of looking him in the eye.

Fast forward a few years. After spending some time on my own, doing my own thing, I found myself back at this church. I took on the youth ministry as youth leader/youth pastor for 6 years. I served as administrative pastor for a couple of years. I plied on the responsibilities, volunteered for everything, did anything I was asked. I had to feel wanted, I had to feel needed, I was insecure, and I couldn’t let go of anything. I was no longer running from God; I thought I was embracing God’s will for my life. It was into this ministry madness that I entertained the calling to do a work for the Lord in Jackson. But it was because of this very madness that a detour was necessary. We went for 2 whole years to another church that provided us the chance to get out of the nest and find ourselves in God. When we came back to Beech Bluff, back to the vision God had given us, it was with the full intent to go back to Jackson and pick up the work the had ceased 2 years before.

What makes this a church plant?
– the blessing of the parent church and the organization (Acts 13:1-3; 15:40)
– the intent with which these things are done (Acts 14:22-23
– the calling of the people doing the work (Gal. 1:1)

This call of God is a personal calling. There are things only God can do, but there are also things that only you can do- only you can take up your calling.

I’m a church planter. I didn’t ask for it, I never foresaw it, I didn’t aspire to it. But it is what I am.

I ached at missing Bible study when I had to be out of town.
When Sis. Barbara came the first time to church, I was compelled to pray for her. Because she came from Jackson, she’s my people. I won’t let these people go without being prayed for by me. And she was renewed in the Holy Ghost and baptized for the first time in Jesus name in that service.

Now is not the time to relegate your visions to the past, remote or recent; their place should be in present hope of future fulfillment.

I described the ministry madness I had gotten myself into a few years ago. It is easy to feel that you have to do everything, easy to develop pet projects that you take ownership of, easy to feel slighted by not being the one doing the latest, greatest thing in ministry. But praise God I am more content in my calling, more satisfied in being broken, than ever before.

What do you think? Talk about your origin and the obstacles that threatened you. Praise God for bringing you through.

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh


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