The Moments You Realize You’re Doing Something Right

“What does ‘señor’ mean?”
“In which Star Wars movie did Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star”?
“Where do babies come from?”, followed by, “I know they come from the mamma’s belly, but where do they come out”?

Questions abound, ranging from the practical to the absurd. During the movie Rise of the Guardians, which we rented from Redbox the other night, after seeing the part where Santa talks about finding your center (here it comes)- “Dad, what does ‘finding your center’ mean?”
“It means knowing what is most important to you. What you value the most.”
“Dad, what’s my center?”
“That is something you have to know for yourself,” I said. And that was that for the rest of the night.

We had an all-day daddy-and-sons day Saturday this weekend. My boys were my partners in preparing for a company cookout at a state park while my wife attended to plans she had for the day. After that, we hit the playground where the boys found other youngsters to play with.

“Dad, I think I know what my center is,” E said to me. “What’s that?” I asked.

“God!” was the reply. “Jesus is my center!” Then I learned, in the middle of a bonding moment, we must be doing something right.

This isn’t the only “something right” moment I’ve had recently. I was just at home doing nothing special and had a moment the other day that I haven’t had in a while- I looked up and realized I’m actually married! I used to have those all the time- “pinch me” moments. Then I realized it has been 8 years of marriage, and I’m ready to go for 50 or 60 with this woman I love. Another “something right” moment!

We’ve had some issues in the midst of planting our daughter work. The devil’s working distraction, discouragement, and disappointment for all it’s worth with some people. My own discouragement level threatened to creep up. I almost had a “pity party” moment But after The Lord opened the door for a brand new Bible study, with the potential for several new people to get involved, I looked back on the losses and was still able to say, “Let’s stick with it, we must be doing something right!”

Anytime you have a “moment”, positive or negative, reflect on how it might mean you are doing something right, and praise God for the blessings He is giving you.

Copyright (c) 2013 Glen Gaugh

One thought on “The Moments You Realize You’re Doing Something Right”

  1. That’s right Bro Glen. I thought of you last nite. Just hang in there. It’s not your church, or Beech Bluff’s, it’s Gods. The devil will try to discourage, but you’ve made lots of contacts, so God’s will is being continued. Sometimes some contacts are used by God, just to reach other people, even though the first people might not respond. You’ve made lots of contacts, and God will bless your effort. All you have to do is show up. And God certainly wants to show out. God bless!!

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