Dads On Mission Digest 1/1/2014

Dads On Mission Digest 1/1/14

Happy New Year! Enjoy reading these:

Here’s my list of the Top Five most important events in the Mideast in 2013
According to Joel’s Book Epicenter, Bible prophecy is the “third lens” through which we should be viewing world events. We truly are living in a time of accelerated prophetic fulfillment. Each of these 5 events Joel ranks as top stories last year will remind you of what the media has forgotten to mention for a while, give you a reason to pray, and open your eyes to the way Bible prophecies are being fulfilled around us.

‘I’m Not Christian:’ Pop Star Rejects Her Childhood Faith
The Blaze does a great job with these articles about faith in the culture. This one on Katy Perry clarifies some rumblings in the past few months that she seems to be returning to her Christian roots- she isn’t. Her response highlights a prominent theme that one can be spiritual and “close to God” without Christianity. Her path, according to the article, includes transcendental meditation. Fact is fact, though- there is only one way to God, and that is through Jesus. That being said, this is the second article from The Blaze that I have read recently that brings out the hope that stars with Christian roots may be evolving in their Christian faith rather than abandoning it. This article about a former Disney child star seems to offer dramatic basis for hope that there is no end to hope for those that denounce Christianity. I pray that this is correct for these and other public figures.

The Power of God
A powerful testimony from the foreign field that should be more common in the US. Someone said to me just the other day, “If they really received the power of God they would be delivered from that drug habit.” As a professional social worker, I know it isn’t easy for anyone to simply drop an addiction; the road to recovery is often fraught with setbacks. However, knowing the back ground of the person who made that remark, who was delivered instantly by the Holy Ghost from years of smoking cigarettes, and from reading this brother’s miraculous deliverance from alcoholism, I have been reminded of Christ’s ability to miraculously deliver people from addiction. I pray that I see many delivered in the ministry God has granted to me!

Five church planting dangers
I love the structure of this post describing five churches that planters commonly try to plant when they start out. Each one ends with a constructive principle for planters who may be bent toward starting one of these types of churches. The commentary is very understanding of the needs that planters have to propagate biblical churches within the cultural context, but gently warns of the dangers of starting a church based on past hurts or mistakes established churches have committed. Overall constructive principle for me- “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.”

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