Organizing for the New Year and 10 Church Planting Tips

My Top 10 Church Planting Tips from 2013
What struck me at first about this post is the meticulous way it is presented, with the name of the person and event or article that provided each piece of advice. And it is all good advice. I personally identify with number 2- Go slow to go fast. We have had one Bible study with one household since June 2013. But we are able to do so much discipling and vision casting in this small environment with a single family, or in some cases with a few others close to the family. Next steps? Start cultivating the contacts of our host family to build the Bible study into a house church- then multiple house churches as God provides the increase. I will use much of this advice in our efforts. Thanks to both @EnergisePerth and @suerogers17 for sharing this story!

Guarding Your Schedule (and Soul) in the New Year Part 1
One quote stands out that I want to comment on. “Time is an investment. Investing is all about saving rather than spending.” I think investing is about getting a return. By being efficient with your time, you may be able to achieve more in a day or week, thus reaping a return on investment. By being more effective with your time, you may be able to develop people and processes that multiply effort, again reaping a return on investment. Asking what and who really will bring return on you investment of time, and how to best invest your time, will go a long way toward making a better year in 2014. Keep an eye out for Part 2 and anything else that comes from Thriving Pastor. And take a look at the post I did for last month on recognizing opportunity.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
This is observed on the 3rd Sunday of January as instituted by President Reagan. Go to Focus on the Family’s site for the resource guide.

Should be sacred
I have started a 365-day journey through the Bible and I am blogging God’s words on life each day. Join in the journey with this daily devotional that will build a biblical worldview of life.


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