On growing churches and multiethnic ministry

When A Church’s Shoes Are Too Small
“One of the most detrimental and painful mistakes a growing church can make is not truly understanding it’s size. The new year is a good time to assess what size shoes your church is wearing and whether or not it’s time to buy a new pair.” Read more

I appreciate this post on the need to recognize, monitor, and count the cost of growth in your church. Having a revolving door is the most frustrating trend to recognize in a church. But a healthy body will sustain growth, so it is worth taking the 5 conditions for evaluating church size into account now, before the door starts turning.

Devotion: Two Exposures
“I think too often we get overwhelmed with the idea that we have to convince people of our faith, and become anxious about starting faith conversations. We are worried that we may deemed “Religious Freaks.” And so we allow our worries to stop us short.” Read more

Short, quick, and to the point challenge to share the gospel weekly. Why weekly? In my opinion, if we can start with 2 times weekly, most of us would be exposing others to Jesus more often than we do now. This is right in line with the way I’ve been led to start my year- small steps daily, sustainable steps I can do all year long and certainly can grow as the year goes by. Great reminder and thought-provoker.

Church Planting in the City and in a Multi-ethnic Context: A Recap of CPLF November 2013
“With the increasing urbanization occurring, not only in North America, but also across the globe, and with the increasing ethnic and cultural diversity in North America, there may be no more important topics to address than that of Alpha cities and multi-ethnic church planting.” Read more

Interesting collection of notes from this LifeWay-hosted event. Peruse away!

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