Essentials of Church Planting: Leading and Learning- Dads on Mission Digest

Leading Up
“If this is you, you will at some point, find yourself working under someone. Someone that you are smarter than, someone that you are more relevant than, someone that you are more biblical than, someone that has sold out to risks and is now just collecting a paycheck.” Read more

The concepts for leading up in this post are dead on. However I think we have to be careful making judgments about those in authority, even those that seem to have “lost it.” There is something to appreciate in those in authority, especially elders, because there is always a reason God elevates our leaders to their position. Perhaps having a mindset of being supportive for the sake of being supportive will not only help elevate you in leadership, but will also reignite worthy, God-called leaders who have more left to offer than they are letting on.

25 Things I Have Learned from Church Planting
“God has shown me that, more than anything, he wants my heart. He wants a tender, moldable heart willing to obey more than he wants any obligatory service I can give him. ” Read more

Numbers 5, 19, 21, 23, and 25 especially resonate with me right now. Great list, and the book appears to be a good resources for church planting wives.

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