How to’s in Church Planting and Life

Can We Learn Anything From American Churches?
“Whereas we tend to make much of the horizontal relationships in church (and I understand that edifying the body is one of the ways in which we honour God) our experience of American Churches, albeit limited, was that they thought much of God and appreciated that he is to be feared and honoured.” Read more.

I liked all of these but was most struck by the first point and the quote above. The scripture clearly guides us to honor and fear God first, and afterward He will work in us and on our behalf (Ecc. 12:13, Mt. 6:33). “Honouring” God (to spell it correctly 🙂 should always be the focus, but it is definitely easy to be predominately horizontal in our approach. Especially for me as a social worker. I’m glad American churches in this pastor’s experience still have something to offer, and I’m glad that Christ helped me understand that the needs of others will be met to the degree that I help lead them to Him.

How To Take a Digital Break
“Boundaries are always tough, and your break boundaries are just as challenging.” Read more.

I have learned to unplug from email Afterhours and over the weekend when I am not on call for my job. It has lowered my anxiety level immensely. Also limiting time online with my iPhone when I am at the table or out with my family. Small steps or large-scale digital media purges will definitely change your life for the better. There are great insights on how to do that in this post.

Practices of a New Jesus Movement
“So if they didn’t start worship services, how did they start a replicating movement of Christian communities and how do they maintain such a high level of spiritual growth?” Read more.

The model of church planting that has been in my heart is a house-to-house model. I think I am seeing the need to seek out a central location to meet in regularly, but it is more of a practical step, by which I mean people seem to recognize and formalize the meeting date, time, and purpose when there is a gathering place. Still in yet, I see a city-wide network of home groups where the bulk of discipling takes place in fellowship with one another.

How to Replant a Church
“Every Christian church has the same vision to make disciples who make disciples and plant other churches.” Read more.

The focus on vision and a intention here is strong and necessary. If not “replanting,” then certainly renewal is necessary in a large number of existing congregations. But lest we get prideful, refocusing is necessary at times for every church. At my home church, we renew every year with a theme and dedication to 30 days of prayer and fasting. God bless as you focus in on this year!


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