Three Steps to Productivity in Creative Work


Create a process: This may be difficult for creative folks to do. I feel the compulsion to constantly write something. But taking time to learn a new skill, find a new method, or put together a list of steps that will help you get more done faster, will ultimately help you create MORE than you would otherwise, with less stress, in a shorter amount of time. This is key if you are doing creative work outside of your day job and want to make a life out of it.

Start early: Again, if inspiration just seems to strike and you feel like you have to move on it and work til it’s done, this will be a difficult step. I have had to adapt by making myself break work down into phases. If the moment is right to create, then I get a certain amount of work done, then put the rest off til the next day. The end result always seems to be better than if I had forced myself to make it happen at once. If this bothers you, as it does me, then working yourself back to start earlier will help you break up the work but also get it done on time.

Batch: I don’t practice this step religiously. What I find helpful is to use the momentum of a few creative moments to “stock up” posts for another day, or start early on an idea that may not be fully formed yet. I try to write daily so that I am constantly creating. Having multiple works done or in progress is helpful for when your daily routine breaks down, especially if you rely on producing work for your livelihood (or hope to in the near future.)


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