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Dads On Mission Digest, 3/1/14
I have started a new blog, The goal is to spread the word about pro-life issues in general and the struggle to pass a constitutional amendment in Tennessee that will remove the implied “fundamental right to abortion” that currently exists. Check it out and subscribe for daily updates. Help us spread the word. Feel free to repost any content with attribution.

“Church planting is…loving people. Pouring your heart out for others. Over and over and over again.” Read more

I enjoyed this definition of church planting, considering all of the definitions out there that may describe a process, but never the present reality of what church planting is.

“When I meet a couple, if she does not feel called to plant a church, I tell them to wait.” Read more

I couldn’t agree more with this post. If one is called, both will be called, regardless of the type of ministry. As far as feeling like a man is not doing the will of God by waiting, I feel that a man’s 1st ministry is to his wife and children. God will never call us, as men, to neglect that ministry, so he will never call us to plant a church while denying the feelings, fears, and reservations of our wives.

My wife isn’t the kind to want to jump out of her comfort zone, but when we both realized we God has called us to plant a church, there was no looking back for her. We are co-church planters in every way. Different, for sure, but ministers together nonetheless. When I see her tear up when listening to the needs and struggles of the women we minister to (and the majority are women in the inner-city at this point), and see her embrace those women readily, it brings me back to the present joys of church planting like nothing else. I’m glad I waited until we both felt the call.


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