Starting Small, Planning Big

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I have started a new blog, The goal is to spread the word about pro-life issues in general and the struggle to pass a constitutional amendment in Tennessee that will remove the implied “fundamental right to abortion” that currently exists. Check it out and subscribe for daily updates. Help us spread the word. Feel free to repost any content with attribution.

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This article pulls from a work by Ed Stetzer but also presents first-hand experience with churches that seem limited in their ability to grow numerically. I appreciate the perspective of someone who has planted an urban, multi-ethnic work. Our work is developing in an urban context with no financial resources for staff. It is difficult to penetrate a community we do not yet live in. Frustrations abound. But God is faithful. My key takeaway is to not despise the small things and see every life touched, those that stay and those that go, as a mission accomplished unto itself. We must work quickly and commission those we reach to continue the work of God wherever they go.

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In the same vein as the first article addresses some of the limitations of small churches in paying for full-time staff, having a plan is important. This article leads off with the principle that you must look at the launch and beyond- even years down the road- and consider what will be needed to sustain the church plant. The experience I’ve had at Beech Bluff Pentecostal Church is that small churches will grow if they plan and structure the way a big church does. You definitely have to plan for the harvest you expect to receive. I encourage anyone starting a church to read this article and do further research so that you can set up for growth from the very beginning.

I want to mention a great new podcast by Jason Neil Soto called Comments on Christianity. It is available at iTunes using the link above. I know Jason will appreciate it; he has been a good friend to Dads On Mission. Check him out on Twitter as well!


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