A Spark for Writing- Taking Interest to the Next Level

20121021-052748.jpgWe went floatin’. I loaded my kayak before work and packed a change of clothes so we could meet as soon as each of us got off work. We were dropped off up river at the bridge where we started our 2-hour trip back down stream. The weather was perfect and the water was high.

For a while we took in the peace and quiet, but inevitably we started talking about ministry, what we are doing and what we want to do. He made a comment that led me to tell him what I have in mind for the next big thing- he said, “I really want to write more.” I told him my next big idea is a coaching program for ministers that want to write more often and more effectively. He and I are both ministers in the same organization, and I told him that there aren’t enough of us putting out consistent, articulate writing online. I told him some of my thoughts for the program, then I asked, “Is that something you think you would try in order to increase and improve your writing?” He said, “It’s something I would sign up for, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t stay committed enough to complete it.I want to improve but when I sign up for emails or get materials to help me, I lose motivation and end up deleting not finishing.”

I can identify. I have found myself being a “self-improvement junkie,” signing up for a lot of stuff, and then deleting tons of emails that I either never read or never acted on. As I was pondering this, he went on to talk about some of the writing he would like to do. He has written a couple of songs and has several others started. He writes small group lessons every week and has considered compiling them into a book as a resource for churches. I commented how that he is already a writer, it is just a matter of figuring out how to leverage his passion to write the way he wants to write.

20131103-220119.jpgTime passed, and we talked about other things. Then out of the blue he said, “So the writing thing is going to be your next project?” And there is was- a spark. I knew his mind had been turning the entire time, thinking about all the possibilities. I have tried a lot of projects with the aim of helping people, but just helping him consider where he is now and where he wants to be, and seeing him realize it could be possible, provided a lot of value, and it was a great feeling. Everything else is execution- just doing it. Hopefully I can help fan his spark into a flame. Hopefully I can keep my fire burning so I can do that for him and others.

Have you ever seen the “Spark” in someone? Has anyone ever ignited a spark in you? I would love to hear about it, tell me in the comments below. And if a program like I talked about interests you, sign up here, get a free New Birth bible study, and I will email you at least weekly to keep you updated. Thanks!


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