Can the Church Receive and Love Hurting People?

“After that, I realized God knows more about me than I know about myself,” Amy recalls, “and He wants to bring healing to these wounds, so I fully gave Him my heart and body—everything. As I continued to seek intimacy with Him, the lesbian struggles fell away. I’m not saying that’s how God works with everyone, but it’s how He’s healing me. The more I focus on God’s intimate love for me and try to see His masterpiece emerge, the less I want anything to get in the way of His work in me.” Read more.


Not everyone has these experiences. I’m referring to three distinct experiences:

The church who experienced the women coming in to disrupt had no idea that they were going to be tested this way. I don’t know how this particular church was chosen. The women may have passed up 10-20 churches on the way, or they may have picked the first one on the route. The article does say that the women heard that, at this church, they could “come as they were” and they were putting that notion to the test. If we promote “come as you are” as our reputation, we’d better be ready to back it up (tweet that).

The women who experienced acceptance instead of rejection didn’t expect to be accepted, much less loved. And while they may not have been surprised by rejection, I can’t help but feel they would have been extremely let down. I don’t believe anyone comes to Christ or His church without some spark of hope that they will be received and loved in spite of themselves and their sin. So we have to remember, as the church, that even the most provocative of people want and need Jesus (tweet that).

The one woman who experienced the love of Christ didn’t expect such clarity on her past, forgiveness in her present, and hope for her future. As the article points out, Jesus is not shocked. We already know that He is not mocked (Gal.6:7) and that is perhaps what we as the church stay concerned with. We may feel mocked or disrespected, but He doesn’t. In the face of this woman’ defiance, Christ put her to the ultimate test- You want to know if I will accept you, but I want to know if I show you a better way, will you accept me? He provided, and she accepted. Based on her response in faith, she found a love all too many others reject (tweet that).

I hope and pray, indeed I expect, more of these experiences as revival in the end-time continues. Are we going to be the church of the Living God, for the sake of the lost and dying world we live in? I hope we are that church. Let’s pray to God for grace greater than the challenges that test us.

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