Common Core Ignores Science and Social Studies

We learned how undervalued science and social studies has become in parent-teacher conference #2. There are no text books, readers, primers, or curricula for science or social studies. The teacher is doing research on the internet to find topics to teach. Instead of history, they are learning about symbolism in the Statue of Liberty. Science, same thing. The teacher lamented the time when they were able to teach concepts and do experiments for science, with a text to guide the process.

I remarked that I can understand integrating science and social studies with reading, but without providing resources, it’s piecemeal and meaningless. In a society that decries “science deniers,” we actually are raising up a generation of science illiterates. How can we keep pace on the world stage, as Common Core proponents claim they want to do, when science is not even taught?

20120611-211801.jpgBut consider this- I can look back and see how science education was used to push an agenda when I was a student. I remember hearing about the hole in the ozone layer that was growing and was going to allow the sun’s unfiltered radiation to burn us up. I don’t know what happened to that ozone hole, but I never hear about it anymore! What is being accomplished by neglecting science education now? I’m afraid it defers science education until children become youths who are able to be filled with nothing but agenda driven science, at an age where they can and will do something about it. Our youths are being indoctrinated early to follow a line of pseudo-truth and see themselves as the champions of it, and it is based on emotion, not facts.

Learning about history, cultures, and civics has immense value to us in a free nation. And these can be taught to children in an age appropriate and interesting way. There has always been the complaint that history has been defined by the victors throughout history. The picture we get of our past is tainted by the lens of whoever held power. We know this to be true in civilizations throughout time. However, what of our own history? History hails our nation as a shining city on a hill. We are an experiment in liberty that has succeeded. I’m afraid too many do not want our children to know this. In the history of the United States, we do not have a heritage of destroying all traces of cultural or political minorities like other world powers. We know from whence we have come, good, bad, and ugly. What could possibly be the reason to not teach this?

Education has become divorced from absolute truth. History, wether describing man’s greatest feats or his worst failures, is established fact. Science that is science indeed represents the reality of the world God created. Students are being taught that all that matters is how you feel and how you justify it. To be able to confirm when life begins or debunk climate change would not benefit the agenda government has.

I am not a conspiratorial person. But I am having a harder time justifying the disparities I see in our education system, which are hitting closer and closer to home with me by the day. I have a lot more that I will be writing on this subject, but what do you have to say? Let me know your experiences and concerns in the comments.


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