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6 Ways I’ve Made My Blog More Visual and Accessible This Spring [VIDEO]

It’s spring and I’m spring cleaning and sprucing up the ol’ blog. This video will show you all the steps I have taken so far and how I hope the blog will be better as a result:


Here is a summary of the changes and links to helpful resources:
New theme:’s Twenty Fourteen theme

New custom header I created with an original photo. I used Pixlromatic+ and Pixlr Express+ to edit the photo, add effects and text.

I’m adding featured images to each page and post, which the Twenty Fourteen theme features at the top.

I updated my “most viewed” list on my “About Glen” page to reflect changes over the past year. I also move links to my emails lists and social media channels to the top of the page so they are featured prominently.

I changed my landing pages to reflect 3 prominent categories of writing that will be on my blog. The page explains the category and will give some examples on posts from that category.

I hope this video gives you a lot of value as a blogger! Let me know in the comments. If you are interested in knowing more about the processes I am developing and tools I am using for efficient mobile blogging, sign up for my Nomad Writer newsletter.

(The image for the video link was added and the title changed for this post.)

Featured image credit Microsoft Office images (


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