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Pro-life, Pro-child Edition

“I have a dream that one day all innocent human life will be protected by love and by law in Florida. ” Read more.

There is a surge in pro-life laws and constitutional efforts across the country. We are in the middle of the biggest fight in Tennessee- the fight to pass Amendment 1 to amend our constitution, which has been ruled to have a fundamental right to abortion by the State Supreme Court in 2000. I pray for this effort in Florida to establish a personhood amendment; it will be a long process, but pastors and congregations will be the ones to champion it through the power of God.

“There is nothing like a warm embrace that you know comes from a Father’s love. I will admit that my struggle with understanding that concept stemmed from difficulty receiving love for my earthly father. It took me a while to understand what a father’s love truly is.” Read more.

I was touched by this post. The frustration-ridden encounters with rebellious behavior described here is one that I have gotten accustomed to in the past few weeks with my son. The line between supportive and direct is hard to walk when it is difficult to tell what the source of the behaviors are. My son genuinely gets upset sometimes, and discipline is not the way to go. But he definitely can use crying and yelling at times when it is well within his ability to control it. And the worst part is, I get wrapped up too often in responding to the behaviors and neglect to go to The Lord first, which causes more mistakes than should be made. Parenting is only successful by the grace of God!

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3 thoughts on “Pro-life, Pro-child Edition”

  1. Thanks for sharing my post. Parenting children is so incredibly difficult. I feel like I am often just doing it all wrong. I am in total agreement that God’s grace is what makes it possible to succeed. Each day I need more of His power to do it better than the last.

    Keep up the great work on your blog. #DadsOnMission is awesome!

    1. Thanks, Arman. Parenting is harder and harder, and what gets me psyched out about it all is that I’m a social worker who works with children and families for a living, and it doesn’t do me a bit of good when it comes to parenting my own children. I have those, “Healer, heal thyself” moments and feeling that vulnerability where you have to rely on Jesus for yourself doesn’t feel so good. But it’s worth it- raising 2 boys to be godly men.

      I’ll be praying for you, and I enjoy your work!

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