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The 3 P’s of a Pro-life Church

The Church must be profound in her support of life.

I was talking to another Right To Life supporter about keeping people engaged in the pro-life work, especially with the important efforts going on in Tennessee this year. He said although we know many who are pro-life, there are many fewer who are aware of what is at stake, and as our neighbors find out about our status as an “abortion destination,” they will get involved. Individual commitments to be active in pro-life work must increase, but the Church as a body needs to lead from the front with intense opposition to abortion, now and beyond the present struggles we face. We have to move beyond the pro-life label and lead with urgency.

The Church must be just as intense in her support of hurting people. Real lives are at stake, with futures and eternities hanging in the balance. From crisis pregnancy centers to ongoing support and mentoring of vulnerable mothers, the Church should be at the forefront as the hands and feet of Jesus.

The Church must be prolific in her support of life.

We had the discussion in our last chapter meeting- how do we get people to show up and support pro-life efforts to amend our constitution in Tennessee. I answered the question with the best answer i had at the time, and that answer was to tell our friends and neighbors, in as many ways possible, about the work that needs to be done. Forward an email, post on Facebook, and directly invite friends to come to a meeting. We have to constantly participate in compelling conversations. We have to produce an argument for action that helps move others from “highly concerned” about abortion to “highly active” in pro-life work.

There are hundreds of ways to spread the message that God created and cares for all life, from conception to death. This is why I have a passion to help those with a message to spread it through writing. The Church should constantly produce messages and ministries that support life.

Check out the companion post to this one: Four Reasons the Church Should Protect Unborn Life.

The Church must be prophetic in her support of life.

Prophecy includes foretelling events to come or the results of actions that are not anticipated. Prophecy also includes declaring the judgment and counsel of God to the lost, giving a forthtelling of the incalculable cost of defying God’s word. The Old Testament prophets spoke God’s truth to the power structure of the day and reminded them repeatedly of God’s covenant with Israel. They stood at the point of no return for Israel, waving, yelling, and producing sign after sign that they were on a collision course with judgment. Israel denied the destruction that was to come and killed her prophets, even as everything the prophets declared came true.

I don’t know what has caused the Church to stop being the prophetic voice in the world today. Maybe it is the “live and let live” spirit of our postmodern world. It could be the embarrassment of televangelists who have abused their national platforms and brought a stigma on the Church. Regardless, the Church has to take up her position in the prophetic and begin sounding the alarm. Abortion is evil by nature, and our society is evil by virtue of its acceptance for abortion. In Tennessee, where we have abortion-on-demand, attracting women from across state lines seeking abortion with fewer restrictions, our churches have a duty to declare the judgement that is coming if we do not change the course we are on.

Learn more about Tennessee’s pro-life Amendment 1 to the State Constitution and how you can help out today!

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What do you think? Where can the Church make the most immediate, meaningful change to support life? Let me know in the comments!


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