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For the Sake of the Hurting… #DadsOnMission Digest

Dads On Mission, urban ministry

I’m thankful for what Jesus continues to do in Jackson during the Month of Miracles. This past Saturday we took a prayer walk in the heart of the community of our calling. Jesus sees the lost and hurting behind closed doors, and I remembered this as we passed door after door, on houses, apartments, and businesses, pleading Him to go in where we couldn’t yet go and give them peace. The situations people face are often situations I have never faced myself. Even if I have known others who have overcome horrible problems and painful obstacles, I can’t assume that I know what other people go through, and if can’t judge them for the things they have done to survive. But I’m thankful I have a God who can identify with every problem and reach anyone in their greatest time of need!

“At twenty years old, I found myself pregnant: living thousands of miles from family and friends, no money, and abandoned by my on-again, off-again boyfriend. Nine months later, I placed my son for adoption and entered the most painful chapter in my life. But as Lois Lowry writes, “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” Read more.

Jenny ruled abortion out immediately without any in-depth explanation. Writing from her experience as a birthmother who chooses adoption for her son, choosing life was a personal decision with a reason that was viscerally evident- she wanted the best life possible for her son even if she could not provide that life for him herself. “Abortion would haunt me,” are her words. Reading the post, in spite of the pain of parting with her son, I see hope, not haunting, and I hope that others who read her post can choose hope.

#DadsOnMission, Church planting, ministry, missions
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“Why did they cry to sleep at night?
What were they trying to hide from their friends?
What did they need that they never got from the ones that were suppose to care for them?” Read more.

I worked in child abuse prevention for 2 years. I have seen the children who had someone to listen to them, and those who had no one that believed them, let alone listened to them. I’m blessed to have my family; there are so many hurts I might have suffered if things had been different. My dad fought the pain of being abused as a child and fulfilled his promise to never treat me or my brother the way he had been treated. And he succeeded. There is no greater gift than that.

I had a brief talk recently with the pastor that was instrumental to getting my dad to come to church with my mom and us boys when I was very young. He remembered talking to dad about coming to church, not because he was lost and going to hell, but because his sons needed to see him in church with his family. So with no interest in what religion had to offer, my dad started attending church just for our sakes. Over time, he found his healing and fulfillment in Christ through the church. The Church must be constantly available and compassionately active on behalf of hurting people- how else will they know they have a Friend in God?


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