Israel, Egypt linked in Scripture

(Updated with links and tweets at the end.)

Sounds good, but words are hard to trust. There hasn’t been action to back up our country’s expressed intentions.

Egypt has always been significant in Israel’s history. Jacob and his family found refuge and provision there through his long-lost son Joseph who had gained Pharaoh’s favor (Genesis 47:6). Four hundred years later, Jehovah was using Moses to deliver the Hebrews from a Pharaoh who never knew Joseph (Exodus 14:13). Centuries later, Egypt was again a haven for God’s chosen, as a refugee family with a young child escaped a tyrant who resorted to infanticide in order to snuff out the King of the Jews (Matthew 2:13).

The key players and competing interests in the Middle East get more difficult to keep up with everyday. Intentions are hard to discern, though the desired outcome Islamic nations and groups have in common is Israel’s destruction.

I can’t help but think that the military uprising that overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood after the “Arab Spring” (well-touted by the current administration and a reason to doubt it’s expressed intentions) has set Egypt up to be a helpful party to Israel instead of an antagonistic. I also can’t help but think that, if Egypt is being criticized for its position on the aggression against Israel, they are likely on the right side of the issue or at least not intent on Israel’s destruction, as other Islamist nations and groups are.

All I’m assured of in the prophetic scheme is that time is drawing short and believers in Christ must pay attention. We can notice the prophetic patterns in scripture and pray intently for His will to be done. He never changes and He cannot lie; God will always stand with His people.

Good commentary on the current administration in light of Israel, Malaysian jet bombing, and lots of other events the President has been lackadaisical about:
Sean Hannity from 7/18/2104 broadcast of The Sean Hannity Show

We need to pray for Israel, but understand also the God’s eye is on them, He is with them, even when administrations, media, and public sentiment is not.

Really good,detailed description of the interplay between Egypt, Israel, and Hamas, and a timeline of the ceasefire Egypt helped broker between Israel and Hamas. The ceasefire lasted a matter of hours before firing resumed. This article also highlights the attitude of Egypt, which aligns more with Israel than with other countries in the region or Hamas, as mentioned above.


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