Modern Israel and her leadership must remember this lesson from their history. King Asa had 35 years of peace. He liked peace so much that he avoided war at all cost. When the wicked king of Israel (divided kingdom at this time, Asa was King of Judah) set up against Asa to prevent the people from entering or leaving their nation, Asa pulled the silver and gold from the Temple to buy an alliance with Ben-Hadad of Syria. Ben-Hadad broke his alliance with Asa’s enemy, and peace was preserved.

The problem is, peace should not be our highest aspiration. Peace is a by-product of serving God and being in His will. When we become comfortable with compromise, we will not raise a weapon, but we will give up sacred things to stay comfortable. Because Asa abdicated the security of his nation to a foreign king’s graces, God punished Asa with war for the rest of his reign, and the people were made subjects of Syria.

We must pray for Israel as the nation fights for the rightful standing they have from God. And we must never forget that peace carries a price, freedom is never free, and we are never more secure than when we are vigilant and ready to protect ourselves.

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