No Solidarity for Life- Why is That?

I don’t like the term “solidarity.” The word holds a connotation in my mind that doesn’t sit well for me. I see how solidarity with people has led to departure from God’s morals and ideals, embracing ideals that are secular and human, not godly.

But if solidarity means what everyone seems to think it means, and we need to blend our identities with other humans and share our outrage over everything bad that happens, then I would think we could have solidarity with each other on the issue of life, and the chance everyone deserves to have life.

Everyone you meet is the product of a mother who chose life even though she could have chosen otherwise. So the hypocrisy could not be thicker than when one living, breathing human says that another human would be better off dead (like Richard Dawkins did last week), or that someone’s life will be better if they make the choice to abort a life that has not yet realized his or her potential.

I did some research to confirm why I don’t like the word solidarity and why solidarity can’t be offered over the gravest of issues in our time, the issue of saving unborn life. I found this research article on solidarity that makes some great points. Solidarity requires a reciprocal (mutually beneficial) relationship. Solidarity begins in particular among friends with the aspiration that we should stand in universal solidarity with all humans, strangers and also enemies, according to the paper. “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” is the scriptural basis for a universal solidarity, that neighbor possibly being a person you do not know, as expressed by Jesus in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The main problem this research paper seeks to resolve is this- is a secularized Christian solidarity adequate to explain acts of solidarity that are sacrificial? Acts that hold no reciprocity, because the act of solidarity will take the life, or radically alter the life, of the person showing solidarity? The paper concludes that, no, secularized solidarity is not sufficient to explain why one person would give his life for another- there has to be involvement or of influence from an outside source- God.

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Now here is where my comments on this research end and I get to tell you why there will not be anyone crying, “Join in solidarity for living people!” even though everyone who has breath to shout shares in the gift of life.

Solidarity is a shallow concept. Worse than that, the spirit that has caused society to embrace abortion has turned a certain type of person, the unborn person, into a sacrificial victim, even though that person can’t choose life or death. Unlike the soldier who can toss himself on a grenade to save his buddies, babies have no choice. All the choices are made for them.

Furthermore, an unborn person can’t plea for help or offer anything in return for the solidarity of others. Solidarity with the unborn is impossible by definition. People who encourage or condone abortion to vulnerable women may feel that are trying to extend solidarity in the struggles she faces by being pregnant, but at best all they can do is build shallow rapport, and at worst they can deceive and defraud, until the procedure and the damage is done.

The only thing that makes us stand up, shout, and sacrifice for the unborn is not solidarity. It is love. Christian “solidarity” as described by “love thy neighbor as thyself,” gives way to love in the new commandment- “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another,“(‭John‬ ‭13‬:‭34‬ KJV). Christ has loved us in ways we cannot offer, in ways we have never received from anyone else. And that is the way we are commanded to love others. With God’s love through His Spirit, you can love the mother and the unborn child, love your neighbor and your enemy, love the highest and the lowest, love friends, family, and strangers alike. You can love what God loves even when it doesn’t make sense and holds no reward for you

Sean Hannity remarked in his radio show today that certain people today are “less concerned with individuals and more concerned with their movements.” Identifying with a movement is solidarity, but love is not changed by the whims of a movement. Solidarity is a cheap substitute that can’t accomplish the eternal purpose for which real love was given. I pray that lovers of life will rise up for the sake of those who are imbued with life and purpose by their Creator regardless of the obstacles the unborn may face.


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