Early Voting ends Today in Tennessee. Vote Yes on Amendment 1. Defeat the Abortion Industry’s Special Interest.

The stat I’ve heard is that 50% of voters cast their vote during early voting. And the majority of that 50% cast their vote in the last week of early voting. Madison Co., where I’m from, has had more votes cast in the past two days than in all other days of early voting. And today promises many more.

I’m urging as many people as I can to vote Yes on Amendment 1 to restore life to Tennessee. I believe women need to make informed decisions. Amendment 1 will help accomplish that by allowing the citizens of this state through the democratize process to propose, enact, amend or repeal statues pertaining to abortion, like the requirement for informed consent obtained by a doctor.

According to the testimony of Dr. John Hammond, who spoke to a gathering at Union University on October 14th, when he was performing abortions in the ’70’s as a resident, to make extra money, he had no idea what women were told about the procedure. That was handled by someone else- social worker, receptionist, or who knows. There was no consult with a doctor. And so it is in Tennessee in 2014. And it is awful.

You need to read Kim Mayer’s perspective as a former pro-choice woman who now is pro-life and a nurse manager at Birth Choice, Madison Co.’s only crisis pregnancy center. Choice is a myth, the “rallying cry of abortion politics.” Please click the link below and understand what the abortion industry’s real interest is in defeating Amendment 1. Vote your conscience. Choose life for Tennessee. Vote yes on Amendment 1.

Kim Mayer: Vote yes on Amendment 1 http://t.co/c6u7QeLUh8 via @JSunNews


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