My Letter to the Editor of the Jackson Sun- Vote Yes on TN’s pro-life Amendment 1.

In case it doesn’t get published before Tuesday’s general election, here is my letter to the editor about why we should be concerned about state tax-funded abortions:

For those unfamiliar with Medicaid, the state puts up money that is matched by federal money to provide health insurance in a given state. The Hyde Amendment, cited in recent days as prohibiting states from funding abortions, stipulates that federal dollars in Medicaid cannot fund elective abortion, but that abortion in the circumstances of rape, incest, or endangerment of the mother’s life must be covered. However, it is a fact that 13 states have been compelled by courts to provide coverage for all abortions using state funds for women that qualify for Medicaid. This is according to the Guttmacher Institute and the National Network of Abortion Funds. Oregon spent $16 million funding 38,455 abortions over the past decade through the Oregon Health Plan (their Medicaid plan).

Do not be fooled. Tennessee tax dollars will be compelled to fund all abortions if we do not amend our constitution in such a way that using state tax dollars is prohibited. The opposition to Amendment 1 is fond of saying that the concerns we are raising are unfounded scare tactics, even as they use their own scare tactics to tell you Amendment 1 will outlaw abortion under any and all circumstances. Wake up to the reality of what truly is ahead for Tennessee, and understand that the greatest risk to our state and our citizens is in not passing Amendment 1.


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