Pro-life, abortion, pro-choice, Tennessee Amendment 1

Continue to pray for Tennessee- New Day for Life thanks to Amendment 1

I’ve had a few days off since election night and the passage of pro-life Amendment 1. Aside from being ready to get back to writing, I need to ask for your prayers regarding Amendment 1.

Opponents are using to void the vote on Amendment 1, which passed by 54% of the votes cast for governor. They want a federal judge to interpret the constitution’s language regarding constitutional amendments to say that only those ballots with votes cast for both the governor and Amendment 1 should be counted.

But that is not how the constitution reads. Here is the language from Article XI, Section 3:

And if the people shall approve and ratify such amendment or amendments by a majority of all the citizens of the state voting for governor, voting in their favor, such amendment or amendments shall become a part of this Constitution.

I doesn’t read “If a majority of the citizens voting for governor approve and ratify…”, it says if a majority of the people approve and ratify by a majority of the citizens (the measuring stick for a majority, not a qualifier of who gets to decide) who voted for governor, then it shall become a part of the constitution.

But we know how legal interpretation can go. So I urge you to pray now, not for passage, but for the integrity of the vote, the people’s will, in bringing life back to Tennessee. The state court failed us once. Let’s not let a federal court fail us again. Christ’s will be done, Amen.


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